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CPA Exam Score Release Timeline
Frequently Asked Questions - Effective: October 1, 2011

Q. What is the scoring timeline for 2011?

A. Starting with the fourth testing window (October/November) in 2011, scores will be reported with more predictability and frequency than the pre-CBT-e score release schedule. Under this improved score release schedule, CPA Exam scores will be released to NASBA following the first month of testing in a window, with subsequent score releases every two weeks for the remainder of the window. 

Q. When can I expect to receive my scores if I test after October, 1 2011?

A. After October 1, 2011 scores for the CPA Exam will be released by NASBA to state boards of accountancy based upon the table below. 

Day in Testing Window*  Target Release Date Timeline 
Day 1 - 20 11 business days following
day 20 of the testing window
Day 21 - 45  6 business days following
day 45 of the testing window 
Day 46 - Close of Window 6 business days following
the close of the testing window
After Close of Window 6 business days after receiving
all scoring data for the testing

* Records received by the AICPA

Note: Some scores for the BEC section may be released in a subsequent release due to the written communication tasks.

Q. It is past the target date for my score release, and I still do not have my score.  What happened to my score?

A vast majority of the scores will be released on the target date; however, these dates are still targets, not a guarantee.
There are several factors that can influence the score release. First, the target date reflects the day that NASBA distributes scores to state boards of accountancy, and the turnaround required for each state may vary. Secondly, some scores can be delayed due to a scoring inquiry that requires additional psychometric analysis. And finally, some scores in the BEC section might be delayed to a subsequent score release due to additional analysis required for the written communication task (see below). 

Q. What about score releases for candidates testing under the international testing program?

A. The scoring timeline for candidates testing under the international testing program can be found in the International Testing FAQs.

Q. How will the score release timeline effective October 2011 differ from previous score releases?

A. During the  2006-2010 testing windows , candidate scores were released in two rounds:  The first round approximately one week before the end of the testing window,  and the second approximately two weeks after the end of the testing window.  In addition, not all candidates who tested early in a window were eligible for the first round of score release.  Candidates who took test forms with new test content that required additional analysis and review before scoring were not eligible for the first round of score release.

With CBT-e, improvements have been introduced into the process. Beginning with the October/November 2011 testing window, scores will be released faster and more frequently. 

The first round of score release will be approximately one month after the beginning of the testing window.  Subsequent score releases will be made every two weeks after the initial release.

In addition, with very few exceptions (see below), candidates who test early in a window will be eligible for the first round of score release.

Q. Are there any differences in score release by Exam section (AUD, FAR, REG, BEC)?

A. Yes.  Candidates who take the BEC section may get their scores in a subsequent release due to additional analyses that may be required for the written communication tasks.  Also note that written communication tasks now appear in the BEC section only.

Q. What changed to make these score reporting enhancements possible?

A. There have been a number of changes that make these enhancements possible.  The most significant change is the introduction of shorter Task-Based Simulations (TBSs).  Before 2011, the simulations on the Exam were relatively long and could not be pre-tested in advance.  Accordingly, if a candidate took a test form with a new simulation, the candidate was not eligible for the first round of score release because the new simulation required additional data analysis and review before scoring.

With the introduction of Task-Based Simulations in CBT-e, new simulations can be pre-tested in advance, analyzed, reviewed and approved for scoring.


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