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Required Education

Candidates must have completed the following educational requirements at the time the application is filed.

College transcripts must be ordered by the candidate to be sent to the Nevada State Board of Accountancy directly from the institutions. Approval will not be granted until all transcripts have been received. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CANDIDATE TO ENSURE TRANSCRIPTS ARE RECEIVED TIMELY BY THE NEVADA STATE BOARD OFFICE.

Official transcripts can be sent electronically by the University or College to

Or mailed to:
Nevada State Board of Accountancy
1325 Airmotive Way
Suite #220
Reno, NV 89502

Nevada's education requirement to sit for the CPA Examination has changed to require the following education: Candidate's transcripts must indicate the completion of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited University or College with a Major in Accounting.

If you do not have an Accounting Major you will need to provide evidence of completion of the following courses:

18 semester credits in Accounting courses above the introductory level. Subjects to be covered include:

• Financial Accounting (Intermediate I, II, III or advanced): 6 Credits
• Cost Accounting: 3 Credits
• Auditing: 3 Credits
• Federal Income Tax: 3 Credits
• Business Law: 3 Credits

All course work received from an accredited community college, college or university will be considered when trying to establish the education requirement.


An applicant for CPA Certification must have a Bachelors Degree that includes 150 hours (credits) of education. Included in the 150 hours the applicant must have the following:

24 semester credits or 36 quarter credits Accounting courses above the introductory level. Subjects to be covered include:

Financial Accounting 6 credits
Cost Accounting 3 credits
Auditing 3 credits
Federal Income Tax 3 credits
Accounting Electives 9 credits

3 semester credits or 4 quarter credits of Business Law

24 semester credits or 36 quarter credits in Business at the undergraduate or graduate level. The courses must in areas other than accounting and courses already provided above.
Subjects to covered include:

Organizational Behavior
Business Finance
Business Law
Data Analytics
Data Interrogation Techniques
Digital Acumen in Accounting
Ethics in Business
Information Systems
Oral Communication
Quantitative Applications in Business
Legal & Social Environment

All foreign evaluated transcripts must give a detailed listing of each course indicating the U.S. equivalency of the semester hours in order to apply the 150 hour requirement accurately.

If you are trying to meet the requirements and find some course titles differ, please contact this office for a determination of acceptability.

If you have questions regarding your education please contact the board office at (775) 786-0231.

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The Nevada State Board of Accountancy is funded from license fees collected from our licensees. The Nevada State Board of Accountancy does not receive funds from the State General Fund.