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DO NOT USE the Records Request for License or Exam Verification.
Please go to License Verification Information for more information.

If you are requesting a list of CPAs the Board charges $25 for the list.
The list is provided in excel format. You can submit a credit card payment form to the Board office and provide your email address.
Or you can contact the Board office at (775) 786-0231 and provide your information at that time.

Pursuant to NRS 239.008 each agency shall designate a records official for the agency. The records official shall carry out the duties imposed pursuant to this chapter for the agency with respect to a request to inspect or copy a public book or record of the agency. The Nevada State Board of Accountancy designates its Executive Director as its records official.

Parties interested in receiving public information for a licensed Certified Public Accountant or registered Certified Public Accounting firm, or any other record considered public information, may submit their request to with information about where the public information can be sent, contact information for the requestor, and detailed summary of the information being requested.

Pursuant to NRS 628.418, a complaint filed with the Board, all documents and other information filed with the complaint and all documents and other information compiled as a result of an investigation conducted to determine whether to initiate disciplinary action are confidential and privileged. The complaint or other document filed by the Board to initiate disciplinary action and all documents and information considered by the Board when determining whether to impose discipline are public records.

There may be other grounds or privileges for not providing information or records in response to a public records request. By this policy, the Board does not waive any ground or privilege available by law for maintaining confidentiality of records, documents or information or not providing records, documents or information in response to a public records request.

The Board will charge a fee of 50 cents per page, up to 100 pages, for providing a copy of a public record to a requester pursuant to NRS 239.052. For a public records request that exceeds 100 pages, the Board may use a bulk copy center for copying the public record. If the Board uses a bulk copying center to copy a public record, the Board may charge a fee that must not exceed the actual cost to the Board to provide the copy of the public record. The copy of the requested public record may be provided electronically as deemed appropriate by the Board.

Personnel Time: Pursuant to NRS 239.055, a fee may be charged for extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources. Personnel time will be charged at the rate of the staff person qualified to provide or prepare the requested information.

Court Reporter Transcript: The fee charged for a copy of a court reporter transcription is set forth in the contract between the Nevada State Board of Accountancy and the court reporter and as required by law.

Postage: All shipping will be sent by USPS standard mail unless alternative methods are requested. The requestor is responsible for postage fees.

Payment: Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card.

Click here to download the Public Records Request form
Online request form will be available soon

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